Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aeration Updates

Core aeration of the fairways is complete and most have healed in nicely. There is still some loose soil and a couple of small areas that pulled up turf but overall it went very well. Most areas that pulled up turf are in weak portions of fairways that are mostly made up of Poa annua. These areas are predominately in low, wet areas where Poa thrives. Because Poa is a weak rooted grass it is more susceptible to damage from aeration. It is not uncommon when aerating 25 acres of turf to have a few small areas that lift up and tear sections of fairways. Most of these areas have been repaired or filled with divot sand to allow them to heal.

For the remainder of the week we will be solid tining tees and topdressing with sand. This process is minimally invasive and should have little, if any affect on your round. Thanks!