Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mound System and #18 Drainage

Because our existing septic system (located near #18 fairway) is outdated and failing we are going to be installing a new mound system. In the coming days and weeks the new mound system for the clubhouse will be installed between #1 and #18. That entire area will be marked as ground under repair. During the process of building the mound, dump trucks will be driving across the fairway to the site. When playing the hole allow any trucks to cross before hitting and any ruts are to be played as ground under repair. Because it is late in the season the ruts left by the trucks may not be repaired till spring but it will all depend on the weather for the rest of this fall.

Also in the coming days we will be doing drainage work on #18 specifically around the green and in the approach. We have all observed standing water in this area after a heavy rainfall and adding drainage will be a big improvement in times of continual rain. This project will take days to complete and any areas related to the drainage work are to be played as ground under repair.

If weather permits we will also be draining the large low area on the north side of #18 fairway approximately 60 yards from the green. This area holds water for days sometimes weeks depending on how much rain we receive. We will be able to tackle that once the mound system is finished and weather permitting.

We will keep you updated on the status of these events in the coming days and weeks.