Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#18 Drainage

This past week we have been working on draining the approach on hole #18.  If you remember, #18 approach is habitually wet from runoff in the parking lot area.  We had drainage in #18 approach but because of the large volume of water we had to add some more to help get it from ponding.

We added several new tiles lines and manipulated the pitch so that we could achieve more surface drainage helping to move water quicker.   Also we added a large holding area just off of the parking lot so that water does not run across the fairway and back up the tile that is currently in #18 approach. 

On August 20th and 21st we received several inches of rain.  Although there was some water in the approach it was gone within an hour after the rain had stopped.  In the past standing water would have been present for days not hours.

We are looking to do small drainage projects like this in the upcoming weeks.  Next on our list is #16 fairway, which we hope to start sometime in the near future.  The golf course continues to be in good shape so come on out and enjoy the last couple months of the golf season.

The picture above is of an area that was stripped, graded for surface drainage and new tile lines installed.

The above picture is of the finished product once the tile was installed, surface regraded, drainage grates set, sod laid and new sod topdressed with sand for smoothness.

The above picture is of an area of the approach near the green that bubbled up due to a crushed tile line.  New drainage was added and new sod laid.

 This final picture is of #18 approach near the green, which was stripped, leveled and sodded.

Friday, September 5, 2014

What to Expect

The past couple of weeks have brought warmer, rainier and more humid weather.   With this change in weather we have a shift in the playability of the golf course.  As you may have noticed with your lawns at home, grass is growing at an unbelievable rate.  You can expect slower, softer greens and longer rough.  

This time of season we have a smaller staff to complete work on the course.  Please understand that some areas of the golf course might have some longer than normal rough.  The high humidity and good growing weather have slowed the greens down considerably from what you are used too.  Please take note and adjust accordingly.

With that being said the course is very green and beautiful please come out and enjoy it … when it’s not raining.