Wednesday, October 12, 2011

XGD and Fairway Aerification Update

XGD systems has arrived early from another job and will begin work today on #9 green. Depending on when they get their infrastructure set up, your round today may be impacted on #9. The golf shop and I will keep you informed as to the status of the hole. Appropriate signs will be put on the tee if the hole is closed for play. Thanks.

Here again is a link to XGD systems for more information:

The fairway aerification is going well as I have stated in previous posts. There is some soil in some areas along with some small areas of weak turf on #4, #7 swale and right of #18fairway. These areas rose up and have a washboard look to them. When aerating 28 acres of turf it is not uncommon to run into small areas like this from time to time. Those small areas are being repaired today by our staff. We now have 5 holes remaining. Because of the weather forecast we will not be aerating fairways today or tomorrow.