Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fairway Aerification Update

A week into the fairway aerification we have made a lot of progress. Holes #1, 5, 7-14, 17, and 18 are completed. Today we are going to be aerating #4 fairway. The projected forecast for the next few days is calling for rain showers. If we have a good chance of rain we will not be aerating fairways on those days. If plugs are laying on the ground and get rained on it can cause a mess and make it nearly impossible to clean up. This will probably push fairway aerification into next week with 5 holes remaining.

The holes that have been aerated are healing in nicely and in some cases completely healed over. The pictures below are taken from #1 fairway, as you can see no aerification holes are present. Some holes however, still have some lose soil at the surface but should disappear with time or wash away during the up coming rains.