Thursday, September 6, 2012

Upcoming Events

September 10th

Next Monday September 10th, we will be deep needle tining, topdressing and overseeding greens.  Deep needle tining has been done 5 times already this year with little affect on playability.  If you come out to play next Monday you can expect some inconsistencies in the greens, because each green will be in different stages of completion.  Please be patient while we finish this important process and greens should be back to normal by Tuesday.

What can I expect the greens conditions to be like after Monday?  The greens should be good other than the obvious small holes and maybe some sand. Ball roll and smoothness should be fine because the holes are only 0.18" in diameter and heal in very quickly. The first couple of times this process was done it went unnoticed by golfers.

Why are we deep needle tining and what are the benefits?  This process has shown to greatly improve the health of our greens.  This entire summer season we had roots over 8-10" in ALL of our greens despite one of the hottest summers on record.  With warm September soil temperatures we aim to enhance our root structure even further.  Enhanced root structure is not the only benefit to deep needle tining, water infiltration and compaction relief are just a couple of other side benefits to this process.

September 24th-??

We will begin core aerification of our fairways and tees on Monday September 24th.  This process will be the same as last year with one fairway done at a time.  Once a fairway has been cored, picked up and blown we will move on to the next hole.  This will minimize the amount of disturbance to one hole at any given time.  Last year this process took 17 days.  We hope to stay around this number this year but that will depend entirely on weather and any mechanical issues. Please play winter rules on fairways that have been or are in the process of being aerified.

Fall Fling September 8th

It's never too late to sign up for the fall fling, it is a fun format and we hope to see you this Saturday.