Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Chipping Green

Today September 19th, the chipping green is closing for the season to let the green and approach heal in for next year.  The green has many design flaws but we hope to make it more playable for next season.  We are going to overseed and topdress this area so it is imperative that we keep people off so seed can germinate effectively. 

Driving Range Tee

October 2nd the grass portion of the range tee will be closing for the season. The driving range will still be open but hitting off mats only. Keeping people off of the grass portion will allow the tee to heal in for next year's practice.

Core Aeration of Fairways and Tees

Starting September 24th fairways and tees will be core aerated.  We will be aerating one hole at a time to minimize its affect on play.  Winter rules are in effect on fairways that are or have been aerated. Thanks!