Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Range Tee

An area of focus in the coming days is on the range tee. The picture below shows some areas of the tee that need some significant healing.  The hot, dry June and July has made seed germination difficult thus healing has not taken place. The turf is still very thin and crabgrass has started to germinate in some areas of the tee. 

Middle of the range tee.

Our plan of action involves a few small steps: i.) spray for weeds ii.) fertilize to encourage more vigorous growth. iii.) over seed the tee surface iv.) apply more water to encourage seed germination v.) repeat these steps as necessary in the upcoming months.

In the future, there is a way members can help us improve the range tee that involves how they practice.  The picture above shows random divots and large circular patches, these areas take longer to heal.  From now on, we would ask that you to follow the diagram below as a way to help make the practice tee the best it can be! Thanks!