Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nursery Project

As you are aware last fall we started a large sod nursery project near the maintenance facility just left of #11 fairway.  The greens portion of the nursery has grown in nicely and with some mowing and extra fertilization should be filled in by late summer early fall.  This section was prepped and seeded first and had a head start over the outside perimeter.  The outside perimeter was seeded later and with very little germination the area became susceptible to erosion with the heavy spring rains. 

Good germination...
Greens portion of nursery.
Eroded area...
Needs more work!

To this point very little has been done about the outside perimeter of the nursery.  One reason is the weather continues to bring heavy rain.  Any effort to fix the outside perimeter would have again been destroyed from heavy rains causing even more erosion.  Although portions of the nursery are behind schedule I am glad that little effort was done to repair certain areas because it would have meant money down the drain. 

The next couple of weeks we will renew our effort to fix, repair, and reseed the outside perimeter of the sod nursery. Also we will be vigorously working on getting the good part of the nursery to fill in so that we have a good greens nursery going into fall.

This is an outstanding addition to our department and a great investment for the future of Ridgeway.  All we need is a little more sweat equity and some luck from mother nature to finally make this project a success.