Monday, June 17, 2013

Progress Report

With the warmer soil temperatures the greens are healing in from the take-all patch nicely.  They are not perfect yet however they really healed in a lot last week. We will apply another granular fertilizer application to quicken the healing process with the upcoming warm weather.  Greens 6 and 10 may be a bit slower in the short term to allow for proper healing.  All other fine turf areas are in almost excellent shape but for a few winter kill areas near approaches.

Small projects that got accomplished last week:

·         Most if not all bare areas in rough and green run offs got slit seeded and painted as ground under repair. This also includes the chipping green, and target greens on the range which will be receiving their first mow this week.

·         Large depressions right of #14 fairway got topped off with black soil and seed.  The area is roped off and painted as ground under repair.

·         Small potholes off of #1 green by the cart path got sodded or seeded depending on the circumstances.

·         Area behind #4 green got fresh soil and seed.  The cart path was also repaired.

·         End of cart paths received new mulch and/or repaired to make them look more presentable.

·          Rest of the flowers got planted on the course.

·           Cut back some of the longer grass areas to reduce impact on play

This week’s to-do:

·         Repair #12 cart path.

·         Move #3 sprinkler in the green.

·         Fertilization of greens and tee surfaces.

·         Sand to the worst bunkers some include chipping, 6, 7, etc.

·         Daily maintenance to keep up with plenty of moisture and warm temperatures.