Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Natural Areas

This past winter the greens and grounds committee has decided to add a few more native or un-mowed areas to the golf course.  These newly selected areas are located around #2 tee, #8-18 tee, between #9-11 and between #4-6.  The committee took care in the placement of these areas so that they are not where people will have to look endlessly for golf balls.  This was by no means done to make the course more difficult.  
Native, natural or un-mowed areas provide a great list of benefits.
  1. These native areas add texture to the course and give it a nice contrast from the tightly mowed areas. 
  2. These areas also enhance wildlife that can be seen on the course.  Already many bluebirds and swallows have called Ridgeway home.
  3. Money is saved by not having to mow these areas,  both labor and fuel costs are saved by not having to mow extra acreage.
  4. By not having to allocate time and money to the native areas it can be used elsewhere. More time and effort can be spent on minor details etc.
  5. Once these areas mature in late summer they look beautiful with browns and reds that are a sharp contrast with the green of the rest of the course.
In order to make these areas presentable we need your help.  Please do not drive through the native areas.  If we drive through the long grass it will not be able to reach its potential. I have roped off or put markers defining the edges of the long grass however we do not have enough signage to do all of  them so just use good judgment when nearing these areas. Thanks!
Here is an article that may shed some light on the subject of native areas.