Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Drain Cleaning

In August when the large storm drainage pond was being built we noticed that the large 12” tile that drains from #12 fairway to #16 tee was partially clogged with sediment.  This obviously has a negative effect on getting water off of the property after heavy rainfall and in some cases was cause for golf course closures.  Now that the large storm drainage pond was installed the greens and grounds committee decided to hire Speedy Clean to come in and clean out our large drainage arteries that help drain the course.

This past Friday Speedy Clean came out and cleaned the large 12” tile connected to our new storm drainage pond.  A lot of gravel, sediment and tree roots where removed.  The process took much of the day; however we had some time to also clean out some tile near #16 fairway and clean out two 8” tiles that drain #11 fairway.  This will go a long way toward enhancing our capability to drain the course in a more efficient manner, which ultimately will mean less downtime and more golf for our members!

The next couple of weeks we will stay on the drainage theme and try to wrap up some smaller but very important drainage projects.  This week we hope finish up #16 fairway and touch up some areas on #18 approach. Before winter sets in we are hoping to drain #14 tee, #14 fairway and adding a smile drain on #2 green/collar.  Hopefully the snow stays away for a few more weeks so we can get these projects completed.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you out to play your final rounds of the 2014 season!