Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It’s been awhile!

My lack of posting the past few weeks is not for a lack of activity on the golf course, quite the opposite, as we have been very busy nickel and diming little projects on the course.  Here is an update on some of the items we have tackled in the past few weeks:
  • We added drainage to the wet area behind #13 green.  So far after a couple of storms the area drains perfectly.
  • Added cart park area near the new drainage on #13, enhancing the overall function and aesthetics of the cart path.
  • Added sod to numerous bare areas i.e. Area near #12 ladies tee.
  • Removed stone and under brush near the parking lot landscaping and added mulch.
  • Added copper sulfate and biological controls to lessen the amount of algae in the pond on #5.
  • Removed pesky weeds in #13 native area.
  • Removed suckers and low hanging branches on the course which includes the two large suckers near the pond on #13.
  • Aerated newly sodded areas and raised the height of cut.  We did not fill in the holes with sand to allow for less scalping in these areas.
In the upcoming weeks we will be busy with a number of other items:
  • Pruning dead and hanging wood from trees on the course. Also pruning overhanging branches on holes like #4, #11 and #18.
  • Fill in soil around the new septic mound and planting native grasses which will hide the electrical boxes and other components.
  • Fix a few of the faulty irrigation heads on the course.
  • Prune areas around cart paths i.e. #14 green to #15 tee box.
  • Core aerate, topdress and seed trench areas on August 26th. Because these areas are small they should have little effect on play.
  • Deep-needle tine and topdress all putting surfaces on August 26th.
  • Paint the trellis by the range tee.
  • Work on the new sod nursery by the maintenance facility.