Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weather related diseases

With the unusual hot and humid weather we are experiencing the past few days Ridgeway is very susceptible to a variety of turfgrass diseases. Most diseases are fairly common and can be treated very easily because they are cured with our regular spray regimen. However, Pythium Blight is a disease that is very severe and can cause major damage in the right environmental conditions. Pythium affects most turfgrasses and can kill plants in a matter of hours in the right situations. Abnormally hot humid weather, along with untimely rains make this disease flare up. The pathogen is always present but it needs the right environmental conditions to affect turfgrasses. Pythium Blight is a water borne pathogen and can move very rapidly by water, foot traffic and even cart tracks. By simply walking in the disease you can spread it to other parts of the golf course and once the grass gets the disease it is dead in a matter of hours if not minutes.

We have sprayed our tees, greens, fairways, and green banks for the disease however because of the enormous cost of spraying rough it has been left untreated. The past several mornings we have noticed Pythium in our roughs. If you plan on playing golf in the early morning hours (i.e. before 8 AM) you may experience delays because we are diligently scouting the golf course for the disease. Your patience is needed to allow us to better keep the golf course out of harm’s way. If ropes are on the golf course please abide by them and do NOT under any circumstances walk into that area. If you need a ball please ask Jason Hogue, Bill Verbrick or myself to rectify any lost ball. You patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!