Thursday, February 3, 2011

Master Plan

Here is an interesting essay written by golf course architect Tom Doak and his associate Bruce Hepner. Mr. Doak is one of the most accomplished golf course architects in the field today, boasting many courses that rank in the top 100 in the world and US. While being a great golf course architect he has also written many books on the subject, which are also worthy of reading. Mr. Doak and his associates at Renaissance Golf Design also renovate/restore older golf courses. In fact, they have been involved with work at clubs in Wisconsin like North Shore Golf Club, Milwaukee Country Club and Bluemound Country Club. The purpose for giving the link to his essay is to point out how to make changes to Ridgeway without having to pay the large fees associated with having a master plan. The essay outlines what subtle but important changes can be done without the need to hire an architect. Fortunately for us we have been or will be doing all the things that are outlined in the essay. Enjoy!